Day 1 Callicoon

I was so thankful to begin my first real vacation since May 2019.  Knowing I had a long drive, I set out on Friday night after work.  Drove until 1:00 am, and I found cheap hotel - I could tell it was filthy when I walked into my room, but didn't realize how bad it was until the next morning with the lights on.  Yowza!   I brought wipes, and I'm glad I used them.  I didn't realize the 'dirt' I was wiping from the table top  in the dark was actually mold.  Blah!

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Fortunately I got out of there in one piece, and felt better after a shower.  Next up: about 9 hours on I-81 and beyond, for my first-ever visit to Callicoon.

Rest areas in the Shenandoah Valley sure are pretty...though several were closed.

I enjoyed the entrance into Callicoon  - long bridge over the Delaware River.  Also on my approach to town, I stopped and saw a 'dry dam' for the first time, and saw deer everywhere.  The rolling hills of the Catskills reminded me of Asheville - just a little different.  Several of these pictures were taken while driving - as you can probably tell.

Tim and Lee (and Trixie and Kiki) were fantastic hosts.  Lee cooked an amazing dinner.  Kiki ate a mouse.   The view from the deck was primo, and we had a good time catching up.  I also got a sneak peek at their new storefront on Main St.

I picked up some tasty apple cider at the farmers market, and heard a cool Hasidic radio show on 'Tim's station' on my drive out of town.  Mazel tov! 

Next stop:  Rehoboth!

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