Day 7 Amherst

It was quite a thrill to end the week with a visit to see percussion guru Hannah up there at the University of Massachusetts.  I didn't realize she was in the marching band for a Divison I university...very cool!  We got to enjoy 3 band performances - the one before the game was up close & personal, and the wall of sound coming from the band was extremely powerful.  I literally felt it in my bones.

I hit the road to drive back to NC directly from the game.  Ended up driving all night and taking a little nap around 6 am - until the sun came up.  Adrenaline got me through the night (I thought I was about to witness a horrific accident while passing NYC - get me outta there!), and some Dunkin Donuts and decaf got me the last few hours.

As pretty as I thought the northeast was during the first week of October, when I saw the mountains of western NC open up in front of me on the interstate, I think that was the most impressive view of my week.